The Mendelssohn House

In the heart of the City of Leipzig, just around the corner of the Gewandhaus, at Goldschmidtstraße 12 (formerly Königstraße), you can find the house in which Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy lived and died.
The house, built in the late classicist era, has been carefully restored. It was the composer’s last private address, and the only one of his residences that can still be visited. Today, it houses a museum in honour of Mendelssohn, who was active here not only as a composer and music director, but also as a cultural politician and piano virtuoso. Here, you can experience the authentic atmosphere of the apartment on the second floor where the Mendelssohn family lived from 1845 and which is furnished in the style of late Biedermeier.
Visitors can find information about the composer’s life and work, illustrated by letters and music sheets as well as water colours, written and painted by the composer himself and set among authentic furniture in his study and music salon. The latter is still used, just like in Mendelssohn’s days, as a venue for morning concerts.

The workshop Cultural Places of Remembrance (Kulturelle Gedächtnisorte) is an association of 22 cultural institutions of national importance from the new federal states of Germany. Its foundation in the year 2003 dates from the development of the Blue Book (Blaubuch). Places of remembrance are places with a historical backround. They preserve knowledge and zones of important writers, musicians, philosophers, scientists and inventors.
Now there has been published a movie where each one of these institutions presents itself. Take a look at it – not just at the movie:

Mendelssohn for kids

Do you know what a “Waldteufel” is? You can find out here. Have fun watching the film.

If you want to visit us, you can find more information here: offers for children.


Historical rooms


Modern Rooms

Fanny’s Cosmos

Guided Tours

Visitors are more than welcome to take a tour and experience the museum, individually or in a group. Every Saturday at 10am, we invite you to trace the steps of the composer on our Mendelssohn Tour through the museum and Leipzig’s city centre. Registration is necessary. If you so wish, we can also offer small special concerts. Don’t delay, call us today!


At the Mendelssohn-Haus we offer a wide range of spectacular events: Weekly Sunday Concerts in the Musiksalon, Leipzig’s Piano Summer and concerts for the Mendelssohn festivals e.g. More and more new visitors and artists are drawn to our concerts, they too bring fresh and lively ideas to the planning of our concerts in Leipzig.

Master courses

The International Mendelssohn Academy at the Mendelssohn-Haus was founded by Maestro Kurt Masur, and it has been offering different courses since 2008 – e.g. for singing or for conducting. These international courses are led by experienced and highly regarded artists. Please take a look for more information from our courses and instructors.

Museum Educational Offers

Since 2014 the Mendelssohn-Haus has had its own Museum for Kids, in the old coach house. Our specially planned and coordinated guided tours and programs ideal for children and young people. We also organize tailor-made program formats for teachers and educators as well as for the elderly.


Maestro Kurt Masur:

How hard we fought the last 20 years to give Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy his rightful recognition, not just in Leipzig but internationally. How many initiatives have we brought to life with much effort and love: the Mendelssohn-House with its significant museum is the best example of it. There are a lot of great achievements Mendelssohn could celebrate thanks to this institution. The music-city  of Leipzig and especially the Gewandhausorchester owe the composer, musician and Gewandhauskapellmeister (conductor) a lot. It is a top priority and duty to cherish and keep his mind alive!

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