Leipzig Mendelssohn Award

Leipzig Mendelssohn Award

The Leipzig Mendelssohn Award has been presented since 2007. It can be awarded in three categories: Musical Achievements, Visual Arts, and Commitment to Society. These categories were chosen to remember Mendelssohn’s creativity, his various distinctive talents and his tireless commitment to social progress.

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, who was not only a musician and artist, but who is also an example to others regarding his high aesthetic and political values, has lent his name to this award.

It is presented to people who have rendered outstanding services to Mendelssohn’s work and ideals. The intention is to honour and support these people in their work.

The bronze statue of the award has been adapted from the Mendelssohn monument by Jo Jastram erected in front of the Gewandhaus in Leipzig in 1993 and is cast in the workshop of Marc Krepp in Berlin. The weight one statue is 3400g.

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